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Best Content Syndication Platforms

Content marketing is a strategic approach to promoting a company’s brand by creating and sharing valuable content with customers and prospects, including blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and other forms of digital media. By producing high-quality content that engages potential customers, businesses can build trust and credibility, increasing sales and revenue. Content Syndication acts as a lighthouse for amateur and veteran businesses with a promising marketing strategy. It is a great way to get your product/service in front of a larger audience. 

Significance of Content Syndication

The content needs to be firmly imprinted into the world to fulfil its purpose. Syndicating the content to one of the content syndication sites can be a successful tool for this process. 

Reaching Out to Larger Audience

Allowing the content to be republished can gather a broader range of audiences directed towards your site. By syndicating content, a diverse group of people can be addressed efficiently. The reach will be doubled compared to the original post of the content. Quality content always has a higher rate of reaching the crowds, and syndicating it would take it to a larger audience and create awareness. 

Highlighting the Brand

Content syndication plays an influential role in highlighting the brand to the audience. The syndication sites are the platforms that instill awareness about the brand and the business. Content syndication can potentially differentiate and draw the content and brand into the limelight when there is an escalation in the industry. 

Increasing Website Traffic

The website should create good traffic to place the business at the top. Content is the driving force to increase website traffic, and it is crucial to use it justifiably. So, reaching out to content syndication platforms can be vital for increasing organic traffic. 

Generating Leads

Syndicating the content can be an immense support in generating leads most efficiently. Reaching out to a greater audience simplifies the business by optimising returns and placing the content upfront. The success can be garnered with a solid strategy that focuses on output and account-based marketing. 

Beneficiaries of Content Syndication

Content Syndication is open to all industries and businesses. Any platform that chooses to syndicate content can look for the best syndication sites and collaborate with them. However, a business platform that is popular individually gains immediate benefits. Moreover, the target audience and the need of the hour play a crucial role in creating a business advantage. 

Effective Ways to Implement Content Syndication

There might be high-quality content in hand, but without a sufficient audience, the content becomes vain. So, it is necessary to look out for content syndication tools and implement them at the earliest to boost the website traffic.

Set Goals and an Efficient Plan

Setting goals that are beneficial in reaching the target audience and creating website traffic is necessary. A concrete goal to create business awareness is the initial step of getting into a content syndication agreement. Once the goal is set, laying down an effective plan is the next step. The plan should be adjustable, meeting the set goals and the requirements of the business.   

Recognise Potential Partners

The essential step to get into a content syndication agreement is finding potential partners. The publishing content syndication site should be popular with excellent demographics so that in-depth research would be valuable. Ensure that the site meets the requirements of the business and it would bridge the gap between the audience and the brand. 

Opt the Suitable Format

There are many ways to syndicate content, and choosing the suitable format that aligns with the business can be a driving force. The content creators are responsible for selecting the format for content syndication. 

Watch Out the Pros and Cons

The moment content is laid down; it is essential to view the pros and cons before handing it over for content syndication. With the advantages on a larger scale, disadvantages are mostly overlooked, which can be a setback. Ensure to look at the demerits of the syndication agreement before entering into one. Understanding the consumer journey is a critical part of content syndication. 

Best Methods for Implementation

There are various methods in implementing the content, and the publishing sites work on reviewing and giving suitable content to the audience. The content syndication partner creates a relationship and tries to increase productivity by decreasing the risks on a larger scale. Some of the methods for implementing content syndication are:

Paid Syndication

Content creators can partner with content syndication sites for a particular payment to highlight the brand. Republishing the content on the right website that targets the specific audience of your field is essential. Outbrain and Taboola are some of the famous syndication sites.


Two businesses that come together to support and create brand awareness for each other is co-marketing, and it is an evolving practice in the industry. Businesses promote the brand through any form of content. The audience will be led to the leading pages of the designated website from the co-partners’ website. It helps in creating website traffic for both websites simultaneously. P&G and National Breast Cancer Foundation collaborated for a successful co-marketing. 

Social Syndication

Social syndication is the way of promoting the brand between two businesses through social media platforms. It is the most simplified and the fastest way to reach the audience. However, this method can be more effective if it is strategised and used efficiently. iWidgets is one of the popular social syndication platforms.

Press Releases

Some media outlets receive press releases from content creators to be shared for free or for a specific amount. Press releases are the powerhouse for generating leads to the website as it links to the landing page and gathers customer information. Press release syndication like Inc42 and are prominent for raising online presence.

Benefits for Publishing Sites

The publishing sites also equally benefit by syndicating the content on their websites. The content creators would approach a low or no-cost agreement in exchange for publicity and website traffic. The credibility of the publishing site can be raised with some content creators approaching for syndication. Moreover, the process highlights the existing content of the website. The audience would always look for different versions, and providing them with a newer perspective can increase the traffic of the publishing site. 

SEO and Content Syndication

Syndicating the content does not equalise content duplication. Moreover, Google accepts syndicated content to be valid. However, the content should be curated with great attention to detail so that the audience and the search engines can reach out to the content easily. Backlinks, headlines to the landing page, and reference links can further increase the website traffic and optimise the search engine. Referencing the original content can be a driving factor in syndicated content. 

Misconceptions on Content Syndication

The content syndication comes with many misconceptions that require clarification. 

  • The primary misconception is that guest blogging is often considered to be syndicated content. However, guest posts are newly drafted content that is leveraged on a third-party website. 
  • Moreover, the content syndication is not plagiarised as it republishes the original by linking it to the designated website. 
  • Syndicated content is an added advantage in optimising the search engine and increasing website traffic. 

An essential pointer is that content syndication helps in ranking the original content at a higher place in the search engine.

Case Study

The hassle of promoting content to the audience is never-ending and requires more effort. It is essential to go beyond and reach audiences from different demographics to bring the brand to the spotlight. Content Syndication can help you walk the extra mile with ease. 

BestSelfCo is an online self journal that rose to fame through the rightly used content syndication format. Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer started their business with a single product. They laid down a content strategy that was a combination of blogs and content syndication. They were set to create compelling content and featured it in various publications. Their goal was to reach the sites that had a greater audience.

The syndication of the content was a success as they were able to generate leads and connect with thousands of people within a few weeks. Now they receive hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly through content syndication. It has resulted in a revenue of 2 million dollars. Cathryn and Allen have analysed and hit the right mark through content syndication to create a successful business.

Some of the Top Platforms of Content Syndication

Content syndication platforms work as service providers to drag the audience’s attention towards the website and the brand. By leveraging the reach of other websites and platforms, you can significantly expand the audience for your content and drive more traffic back to your site. Content syndication platform is a time-tested way that takes businesses to another level. The growing importance of syndication platforms has paved the way for a number of networks.


Medium is a free network that allows the creators to publish fresh content or republish existing content. The target audience views and shares the content seamlessly without any roundabout processes. Medium is an excellent platform for start-ups as it can highlight the brand and the business with efficient blog syndication services


A commonly used content marketing platform connects syndicated content with TIME, CNN, and ESPN. The network connects millions of users, and it is the right platform for driving website traffic and reaching the audience in a single go. 


Taboola is a networking platform similar to Outbrain that connects with extensive publishers like the NY Times, CBS, and NBC. It streamlines the suitable sites to post the content and gives control to the creators to choose their desired website to post. 


Quora is a free social media platform and one of the best article syndication sites that answers the audience’s queries. The businesses can create profiles and answer the questions by simultaneously highlighting the efficiency of their brand which also satisfies the question. 


Zemanta is a networking platform that uses advanced technology to advertise the brand to the audience. It is a driving force to create content hubs for B2B businesses through artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.


Slideshare is one of the free content syndication services that use the format of slideshows to syndicate content. The platform is open to various options of sharing content through PowerPoint presentations like graphics, videos, and much more. It is easily accessible to the target audience because of its excellent search engine functionality. 


LinkedIn plays the dual role of content distribution and syndication. It is a significant way of taking the blog to the list of connected people and their followers. The network continues to grow if the blog is suitable and on par with the trend.


Video content is growing in full power in today’s world, and YouTube is one of the most sought-after platforms. It takes a lot of effort, but the results are pretty beneficial. The latest version showcases the uploaded video’s analytics to improve on a better way to reach the audience. 

Facebook Business 

Facebook is the handiest and most simplified tool for all online businesses. The platform offers freemium services that provide various content format options to showcase the brand by channelising the target audience.


Pinterest is a platform where the creators can utilise visual content to interact with their audiences. It is a freemium platform, where the option to interact with the audience is available for paid partners. 


Soundcloud reaches the audiences that podcasts fail to capture, and it is an effective tool to syndicate audio content. The platform has a wider reach as it syncs with iTunes directly. 


Reddit is a platform that has something stored up for everyone in popular culture. There are forums for specific business communities that allow sharing the content and initiating discussions. However, it is the least preferred platform for business purposes. 

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