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Navigating the intricate world of digital marketing requires a keen understanding of the Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts.

Content marketing is one of the most successful ways companies have improved brand awareness. In such a technological age, content marketing is only becoming more important as technology improves.

It is the surefire way to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and reputation, increase sales, and secure a wider customer base. This is only true, however, if it is done correctly. You must compose an effective content marketing strategy; otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

Let’s look at the content marketing dos and don’ts that your company should know.

What Is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content marketing basics focus on useful content, primarily digital. This includes anything from blogs and social media to search engine optimization and emails. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. As technology and branding evolve, your content strategy must do, too.  

When done correctly, it can completely transform your company. Specifically, you can transform your online presence and set yourself as an industry specialist.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

With the right content marketing strategy, you can boost your traffic to your website, craft a competitive online presence, get your business to rank well on search engines, increase leads and sales, and create enviable brand visibility.

But content marketing strategies can also include non-digital aspects such as business cards, speaking engagements, and pieces in physical publications.

So, depending on your audience and your business goals, you can either focus on the digital channels or implement a strategy for the non-digital channels, too.

Mapping out an active and robust content strategy can easily differentiate between a stagnant online presence and a bustling, successful one.

This, mixed with other aspects of your marketing campaign, makes a world of difference. It is an indispensable part of any marketing strategy that should not be overlooked.

But success doesn’t come overnight. 

Here are what you should do and perhaps what you should avoid.

Do Set Goals

Although blogging and social media can seem like a bit of fun, it’s so important that you set measurable goals. You might want to be the leader in your category and build a strong authority on the topics that you talk about.

To achieve this, time must be taken to carefully plan and craft the steps toward the end goal. 

We would also recommend weekly and monthly tracking of your analytics. This way, you can check if you have reached specific goals and assess what type of content is and is not working.

This is also when you can decide what content you want to post.

So many online tools can help you measure your efforts and make a plan. For example, an effective feature is an SEO rank checker. This analyses how effective your content and keyword efforts are, and it can be found in many tools like Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

Don’t Expect Short-Term Results

Numerous businesses publish content and expect the search engine gods to rank them immediately. As much as we wish it were, content marketing is not instant. 

Like a nice wine, the results of your strategy get better with age. Content marketing is clearly a long-term game. 

If you expect anything opposite, you can invest in paid marketing, which will provide quicker results. However, the spending needs to be ongoing. 

Organic results from campaigns are arguably more important than paid ones. An organic strategy brings people to you for the right reasons and can easily target people at the different stages of the buyer journey. 

Not to mention, organic search marketing is free if you do it yourself. For this reason, it has a higher return on investment.

Consistency is all you need!

Do Set up Social Media

You might think you don’t need social media for your specific industry, but you’re mistaken. However, every company would benefit from regular posting on relevant social media platforms.

Do research into your target audience. Of course, if your audience is over 50, you might not need a TikTok account but should set up a Facebook. Likewise, if your audience is under 30, less attention is on Facebook but more on TikTok and Instagram. 

Having active social media accounts helps with search engine rankings, too.

But again, note that any social platform highly utilized by your ideal persona is where you must be present!

Don’t Write for Everyone

Every successful marketing strategy should include a target audience. 

Segmentation is necessary, as you cannot write articles or publish social media posts for everyone. This will definitely affect your focus and probably have results that are not as desirable as you would like. 

Your content needs to be targeted to a specific audience, which will benefit you when you plan your blogging, campaigns, landing pages, social media posts, etc.

Being specific will directly impact your engagements, increasing your conversions or the number of inquiries you start getting from your potential clients. 

When writing content, it should be only for your target audience. Apart from just focusing on the demographics (gender, education, age), you should also consider the psychographic variables that might affect your segment.

These could be any specific interest or desire that will shape your communication. This will help your blog metrics and overall SEO strategy.

For example, a piece of content for middle-aged women in the hairdressing sphere would differ from a blog for teenage boys on video games. Language is important. 

Do Set up a Blog

That brings us nicely to our next point – you should set up a blog, whether you think this is useful or not. 

Spoiler: it’s incredibly useful.

There are 99,000 Google searches every single second, which gives you 99,000 chances a second to reach a new customer or client. 

The best method to do this is blogs.

There are some basics that you should consider before starting your blog.

First and foremost, implementing comprehensive keyword research to build up the blog strategy – which involves the blog titles, subtitles, and related keywords – is crucial.

Unfortunately, we have seen many businesses focusing just on the search volume of the keywords. However, the ranking competitiveness is very important, too. 

Also, you need to think about your market. For instance, if you operate in an established and saturated market, the key would be to have a high frequency of high-quality articles

Make your blogs a mix of news pieces, how-to articles, and opinion pieces. Just make sure that you are adding value. 

ContentGo can help you quickly, professionally, and effectively create high-quality blog articles that engage and convert.

Don’t Post Randomly

This is one of the most common mistakes.

The World Wide Web is something of a Wild West. If you don’t research the best times to post, your hard work will likely be lost in the void. 

Inspiration for a blog post or social media content might strike you at 3 am, but you should wait until your target audience is more active on the platforms before you post it. Likewise, if your audience is primarily in a different timezone, ensure you account for that.

An experienced content marketer can not only help you craft quality content but will also be able to recognize the best times for you to post. If this isn’t an option, we recommend using your content marketing metrics to decipher which days and times have worked out the best for you and your audience. A content calendar could also prove useful.

To conclude

Content marketing can be a puzzle you must try to assemble and see what works for you. Once you’ve cracked it, you will be guaranteed online success, which could help you grow your business.

We hope these dos and don’ts help you achieve success in content marketing and, eventually, your overall business goals.

Just don’t forget that high-quality content plays a huge role in the overall success of your content marketing efforts. 

ContentGo is a content marketing that enables you to meet all your content needs consistently. So, you can get in touch now and request high-quality content.

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