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Clean images and messages that say you can provide the best cleaning services at prices that your customers deem affordable are the core elements that a landing page for cleaning services should have. 

Unlike a standard website, the landing page is direct, provides precise information, and makes your customers confident enough to click the call to action without hesitation. It acts as a linear guide, informing and delving the visitor with every sentence.

But how do you create such a page? How can you grab your attention from the very first line? How can you guide them so they click the call to action button without a second thought? Drilling down these questions will help you create a lead-generating cleaning service landing page. 

In this guide, we will decipher all the elements you need to create such a page – from picking the demographic to making a call to action.

Deciphering the Demographic – Customer Types that Require Cleaning Services

Formulating effective content for a landing page requires you to know your audience first. While it is tempting to spread a wide net and attempt to create a landing page for a cleaning service that appeases everyone, to get convertible leads, gear your website only toward potential customers. Here is a list of a few prospects as researched by ContentGo:

Career Focused Individuals 

Career-focused individuals, with their tiring jobs, often don’t need more time to clean their homes. They defer it because their professional life takes precedence. You can market your services to these customers – using time-saving as your USP. 

People with Health Issues

Cleaning homes is labor-intensive. The nooks and crannies of the homes must be washed repeatedly, not just to make the place sparkle but also to be hygienic. People with health conditions need extra care and thus require additional clean places. 

Parents with Newborns 

Parents with newborns often struggle to juggle their days between caring for the baby and doing house chores. But hygiene is critical for a newborn’s surroundings, and since parents find themselves unequipped to care for everything, they resort to hiring cleaning services. 

Landlords and Renters

Renters wanting their deposit back and landlords wishing to attract new customers require the house to be pristine. These homes require a professional level of cleaning that only a cleaning service provider can deliver. 

People who don’t enjoy Chores

Doing a chore is a chore. People would much rather do something more productive or fun than cleaning their homes. Therefore, they consider a cleaning service, and you can market their need to do something else to attract them through your content. 

These are the customers that are easiest to cater your services to. However, because of that, the competition to attract them is also very high. That is why your landing page for a cleaning service needs to be precise, with the correct elements that make your services worth investing in. In the next section, we discuss the elements you need to consider when addressing these types of customers. 

Elements of a Landing Page for a Cleaning Service Page

After discerning who to serve, it is time to inform them what you are serving via a landing page for a cleaning service. It must entice potential customers from the first line and have a scannable layout. Ensure your customer feels safe and that your message is clear. Listed below are the three elements that make a worthy landing page for a cleaning service page.

A Clean Landing page 

A clean landing page is manageable. It doesn’t bombard readers with needless information. It is streamlined, picturesque, and hits the intersection of good content and image. You can dive into pre-made templates for this requirement. 

That goes two-fold for a landing page for a cleaning service. The template should be clear. Ensure uniformity in every text, and only use elements that you need. At no point should the page hamper what you want to convey.

Human Images

Vector images are all right. They are customizable and precise and often provide ample layout to convey the brand message. However, they don’t have a human touch – something you need to promote cleaning services. 


Bring a human touch to your content with human-focused images. Display photos of your employees in action as the hero image. A smiling employee, his tool in hand, and clean surroundings as the backdrop will tell the customer directly that you offer a cleaning service.

It is also suitable for conversion. In a paper written in 2009 titled “Exploring Human Images in Website Design: A Multi-method Approach,” it was found that websites with images with facial features were received more positively than the ones with no human pictures at all. 

Relevant Content

Now comes the landing page element that can make or break it for you – content. Go with quality over quantity. You don’t need an overcrowded page full of jargon. You need minimalist content with crisp words to elicit a reaction from your audience to move them to action. Here are two key elements to create content that resonates with your audience.

A Catchy Headline

Start with a compelling headline. Address your audience directly. Focus on benefits specific to your demographic and then discuss how your services can help. For instance, suppose your demographic consists of professionals who need more time to clean their houses.

Start by addressing their concerns about time and end with how you can help. “Don’t let time stop you from cleaning your home correctly – is a good example. The first part addresses the people’s time-related concerns, and the second part informs them of your services.

Addressing the Demographic Directly

Below the title, directly discuss your demographic’s problems with an unclean house. Write about why cleaning is essential. Follow that up with how your services are better for them, which you can then connect to talking about your business in a small paragraph. 

Every sentence should take a short time to read, and the tone should be conversational. Talk to your audience, informing them of the cleaning solutions they need. Using a streamlined approach to the landing page for a cleaning service will show your customers first. 

A Direct Call to Action

A call to action should be the continuation of the content. If the content tells a story, a call to action is a conclusion that expects readers to take action. Here are three qualities of a hard-hitting CTA.

  • Short: The call to action copy should be quick – only two words long. A longer CTA complicates the action. Simple verbs with commanding words like “Subscribe,” “Read More,” and “Explore the Site,” for instance, are short but substantial. 
  • Creates Urgency: The second element of a CTA is urgency. Build up the value of your services through the content and conclude it with a CTA that prompts readers to take urgent action. Suffix a “Now” at the end of your CTA copy.
  • Transparency: A short CTA is transparent. It doesn’t make any promises or make the reader stuck inside a marketing look. All it does is direct a customer’s action in the end. So be clear, concise, direct, and honest about what you want your visitor to do.

The landing page only becomes convertible when there is a synergy between the layout, the images, and the content. But the content is the foundation, for it drives home the point that you want to cross through your landing page. 

Level Up Your Cleaning Service Landing Pages With Us

With ContentGo, you will get access to professionally written, high-quality content that focuses on your voice, your tone, and your audience. It will create a synergy between you and your audience, prompting them to respond, which means clicking your CTA.

Leverage ContentGo’s matching technology and get content writers with expertise in crafting content for a landing page for a cleaning service. They will use their words to give a voice to their brand and compel your readers to take action, converting your landing page into a conversion powerhouse.

Explore how you can power up your landing page for cleaning services using the perfect combination of template, CTA, images, and content. 

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