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Backlinking is an effective strategy to build brand authority and improve your search rankings. Many SEO professionals put a lot of effor on link building as it is a significant aspect of SEO. 

PR backlinking is considered high-quality backlinking as the credibility of top newspapers and publications attracts more potential customers. High-domain authority sources that link your business website can provide you a great advantage over your competitors.

What Are PR Backlinks?

PR backlinks are the most powerful type of backlink among all other backlinking strategies. They are links with high authority or ranking content that connects your website. A PR backlink can come from a newspaper, a publication, or a magazine. For instance, a journalist or a reporter might learn about your product and services and list them in the relevant section of their content. With this way, you get access to a section of their readers who can be your target audience.

In the SEO world, PR backlinks have a special place. They can be:

1. Newspapers or websites with editorial sections – The editorial and op-ed sections carry a lot of public attention, and pitching your site in those sections positively impacts SEO.

2. Press releases – The audience usually skims through automated articles published on sites every day unless they find it very important. These gather a different audience than that of an editorial section.

What Do PR Backlinks Do?

SEO experts look for different methods that provide an opportunity to promote the various web assets created for a business. Powerful backlinking is necessary to build brand awareness and improve online visibility for your business. Quality backlinks from appropriate publications are essential for SEO, as the content alone cannot increase the desired traffic and help you generate sales leads. 

Some of the roles that PR backlinks play are as follows:

  • Increasing page ranking and website traffic.
  • Improving search engine visibility and brand authority.
  • Building brand awareness and credibility.
  • Repetitive promotion.

What Are High-Quality PR Backlinks?

High-Quality PR backlinks come from well-known websites that have created a brand and followers through their works, reputation, etc. For example, the BBC or Forbes are high authority sites that can generate tremendous traffic to your website when they generate PR backlinks for the businesses. High-quality backlinks come through brand recognition and when many people choose your product or service.

Why Are PR Backlinks Important?

Some of the reasons why PR backlinks are essential are:

– They Improve the SEO performance

Google and other search engines have an eye for links from genuine newspapers and magazines. Such magazines endorsing a business will create a high value. This kind of backlinking can be a powerful white hat technique to maintain high domain authority. The reason is that these newspapers and magazines already have an added SEO value. Authoritative sites recommending your website can improve the SEO value for search engines to recognise your site and list it on top.

Google’s algorithm checks the authoritative publications from sources with a long history of solid editorial standards that link your website. An appropriate link building requires a well-balanced approach with a solid backlink profile and the types of backlinks you focus on. The organised method of creating backlinks with specific timelines establishes the foundation for your website.

– They Increase Revenue

Just as inbound links benefit your business, PR backlinks can generate more revenue. As your website is ranked higher and becomes more visible in the SERPs, the number of CTRs increase. More people will access the link from high-authority websites and view your content, and the total number of visitors who land on your site will steadily climb.

Plus, this helps your visitors to reach a decision much faster as they already came from an authoritative site. Thus, PR backlinks can become the backbone of your content marketing campaign and increase the revenue of your business with good link building.

– They Enhance the E-E-A-T Concept

The E-E-A-T concept has been gaining momentum in the past few years. E-A-T expands to experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This concept is essential for SEO as legitimate links are built on these aspects.

Major press publications focus on their research to create quality content and ensure their target audience trusts their view. If your content goes completely unseen by the target audience, it is literally useless, whether it’s a great piece or not. This is where the E-E-A-T concept forms a niche of relevant links from closely related websites, links to pivotal content pages, etc. PR backlinks can seem complicated, but it takes only a few good campaigns to get you onboard with a high-authority website to notice your business.

Ways To Get PR Links:

The first few steps can be challenging and complex as several businesses have shifted online. There are a few ways that can work for you if you are new to the link-building processes:

1- Find your SEO and link-building experts

Your job continues beyond finding a press release service and handing them over with the PR backlink tasks. Before seeking the right high-authority website, consult your SEO experts and content marketing team to see if hiring a digital PR agency is feasible for your business. Otherwise, a press release service can lose your time and money.

2- Be on the lookout for current events

Brand recognition for PR backlinking can be done in other ways than just a high authority source recognizing your brand directly. If you are a tech company, you can look for tech campaigns and seminars where you can showcase your brands. It can also be through repetitive encounters in significant events that happen worldwide that you can establish your presence and advocate how your product and service can profoundly impact society.

3- Use press releases for big news

Whatever the need be, you can’t be desperate to build your company’s recognition through PR backlinks. PR backlinks are just one way in SEO content marketing to improve the results, which takes time. It would be best if you don’t settle for any low-quality PR backlinking so that it gains you some positive results for the time being. Keep a close watch and check for news that can attract the audience’s attention to create legitimate links for your site. It is a much more fruitful method of getting meaningful PR links and gaining the trust of your existing customers.

4- Research your competitors

SEO strategies will already focus on what works for the competitors and what does not. It helps you create the desired reputation by including what is necessary and taking appropriate steps toward the link-building process.

What to Keep in Mind While You Hire A Digital PR Agency?

Digital PR agencies can lessen your burden of hiring an expert team or creating a framework for PR backlink strategies. But there are certain vital factors to look for while hiring a digital PR agency:

  1. Check if they are legitimate to create PR links by going through the company profile, their experts, portfolio, and their newspaper publications.
  2. A high-end digital PR agency may charge you around $30,000+ for the whole PR campaign. 
  3. Please read the terms and conditions of their services before signing a contract. It can help you avoid any hidden charges or taxes.
  4. Go through their existing content and understand how much reach they could create. It will help you get an idea of their research capability.
  5. Check the number of followers they have on social media profiles and official sites.

But generally, hiring a digital PR agency can be expensive for start-ups and small-scale businesses. The marketing journey with a PR agency is always unforeseen, and you should always be prepared for unsuccessful attempts, as building an online presence is a slow process that can take up to a few years. 

There is no shortcut to seeing the results of PR backlinking, even through a digital PR agency. The results may only depend partially on the quality of content you produce or the product you offer. It has more to do with pitching the right marketing strategies at the right time with the right tools. 

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