What is White Label Content Marketing?

White label content marketing is a service provided generally by digital marketing and seo agencies. It allows the agency to create all the content for the client without revealing that a third party has written it. The agency provides the content to another firm, generally a content marketing platform and can be utilised in any way they see fit.

The company receiving the white label content usually has its brand and messages on the content. 

This way, the providers of the content, agencies in this case, can save time and money by outsourcing the content needs to platform.

How Does White Label Content Marketing Work?

White label content marketing is attractive for many businesses because it can be a part of an effective marketing and SEO strategy. For example, a company might want to publish some blog posts about its products and services, plus it may aim to increase organic traffic but the lack of time and resources could be a huge obstacle for them.

Ideally, a digital agency can take on this project, create an SEO and content strategy and have all the content written by a third party. This enables every stakeholder to focus on their expertise which generally results with an increase on awareness. And undoubtedly, the right content impacts the authority, reliability and reputation of the brand in a positive way. 

But there are some prerequisites before demanding white label content!

Determine The Kind of Expertise You Require

You may have a very diverse portfolio of clients, coming from various industries. So, this will push you to have a look on providers that resonate with your business. 

Remember that although you may identify writers familiar with the sectors you work with, the subject matter specialists who work for your client businesses will still be the ones who are considered to be the authority. Determine any additional skill requirements necessary for the proper operation of the partnership, such as significant research, the ability to conduct interviews or familiarity with either your content management system or your clients’.

Determine How You Will Interact with The Service Provider

Would you like to be the only one that communicates with customers? A good strategy is needed to guarantee that the content marketing platform have all the needed information to complete the work. You can either keep the content provider at a distance or include them in your team which often results in a much-improved performance. 

Additionally, it would be crucial to establish a nice flow for the modifications. Will your clients demand significant revisions? You will need to determine whether you will manage those adjustments yourself or whether you will send them back to the service provider. When a third party is brought into the process, it tends to water down the purpose of a sought revision and provide less than ideal outcomes.

Create A Template for Each Client’s Content Brief

Any work you outsource, for which you will be responsible for maintaining the customer connection, must be extremely clear. In a client content brief, you should include the fundamental instructions that need to be implemented by every piece of content, such as:

  • Information about the brand
  • Target audience
  • Main topic and sub-topics (you can supply main and subtitles)
  • Keywords to be used
  • Call to action (CTA) specifications
  • Tone of voice
  • The aim of the content

What Are The Steps of Using White Label Content Marketing in Your Business?

White-labelled material is excellent if you seek strategies to grow your business. You can free up time and resources to concentrate on other more important tasks by contracting out the generation of your content to a third party. 

Consider the following when you decide to opt in for white label content marketing:

  • Make sure that the content is of high quality and pertinent to your prospective customers
  • Ensure that the content is appropriately compatible with your customer’s mindset and has a solid engagement with the reader

These steps will assist you in making the most of white-labelled content to grow your agency.

Benefits of Using White Label Content Marketing for An Agency

Apart their customers, digital marketing or SEO agencies can also benefit from white label content marketing. As more and more creative material, social media, and blog entries flood the internet, it’s getting increasingly difficult to attract the attention of a specific target market. Then, once you get their attention, it becomes harder to retain it. But you can catch the awareness of your potential and loyal customers by posting blog posts about the subject or inquiries they need. Then by creating these posts in short intervals regularly with new topics, you can retain your customers’ attention. But for posting blog posts regularly in short breaks, you can get help from a professional white-labelled content marketing platform. Then what are all the benefits they can present to you?

  • It allows you to outsource your content marketing efforts 

You may save significant time and money by eliminating the need to create and produce your content.

  • Tap into the expertise of professional content marketers 

The experts can help you develop and produce intelligent and engaging content. It will provide convincing information so the target audience can make informed decisions.

  • Great way to build your brand, as an agency

By partnering with a reputable content marketing platform, you can ensure that your brand is associated with quality content, which might aid in developing trust and authenticity in the market. 

Overall, white-label content marketing can be an excellent solution for businesses that want to get the most out of their content marketing efforts. By outsourcing to a reputable platform, agencies can save time and money while producing high-quality content to engage and convert their target audience.

What Should You Do Before Working With A White-Labelled Content Service?

There are many different reasons someone might want to use a content-creating service. Maybe they don’t have the time to write a blog post themselves, or they want to ensure their blog post is of the highest quality. It is essential to know the right factors before outsourcing your content. 

Understand Your Readers

For whom are you writing? A content writing service can be a fantastic choice if you’re writing for a broad audience. But you might want to think about creating the blog post yourself if you’re writing for a more focused audience.

Consider Your Budget

Collaborating with a content writing service will for sure require some investment. Be sure to chose one that aligns with your financials as well. 

Analyse your goals

What do you want your blog articles to accomplish? 

Remember that you need to publish content regularly to generate interest and leads. For example, if you want to scale your organic traffic and keep the lead flow it would be a grat idea to work with a content marketing platform in order to keep the consistency. 

Bring Enhanced Content Strategies with White Label Content Marketing!

White label content marketing is an excellent technique that can grow your agency and your customers. While outsourcing the content for your agency’s website, you can enjoy the upcoming leads, have more calls booked and hopefully boost your sales. 

As per your customers, you can answer and scale their content needs while you will have the chance to focus on the bigger picture and work on their more important tasks. 
We at ContentGo have established the Client Center, which is a dashboard for agencies like you. From this, you can manage your and your customers’ content needs. You will be able to get high-quality and unique content that will drive results and engage.

By registering as an agency with us, you can get started right away!