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SEO could be the lifeblood of B2B if it played right. B2B SEO is a digital marketing game plan to increase the visibility of website pages in search engines like Google and Bing. According to research, the top spot in the SERPs has a click-through rate of close to 30 percent. Search ads have a CTR of 1.91 percent across all industries

What is B2B Local SEO?

Unlike B2C, B2B SEO focuses on keywords that key decision-makers look up online. Local B2B SEO strategy is used by B2B companies to increase the visibility of potential customers in the area. Local business-to-consumer (B2C) SEO, like local SEO for B2B, targets companies near physical locations to gain more local customers. Among them are a searcher’s location, Google My Business listing, online reviews, website’s mobile optimization, and other factors. Consumers frequently conduct online reviews and research on businesses of interest. According to a BrightLocal study, 90% of customers used Google to find a local business in the previous year, with 33% daily. (Source: The Ultimate Guide to B2B Local SEO (

Local SEO Tips

1. Boost the number of digital directories and citations.

The importance of consistency cannot be overstated: ensure that the citations are consistent. Misspellings, while run, a lack of a suite number, or the wrong phone number can all be problematic. If Google cannot determine which detail about your company is correct, it may not display your company in search results. Also, make sure to remove any related listings you find.

local seo tips

2. Improve Internal Linking Structure

Although external links to your site are preferable, adjusting your internal linking structure will improve your SEO rankings. The purposes of internal linking are as follows: 

  • Helps with website navigation and contributes to the hierarchy and data architecture of the page.
  • Pages’ authority and ranking power are distributed among them.

3. Create content for your local market.

Google is becoming more innovative, meaning content creators can write for users rather than search engines. While posting about a general theme may engage a large audience, narrowing your focus and writing about local news is vital to attracting a sales-qualified regional audience.

Promote industry meets, news, employees, and other informational content on your blog, always based on your geography, to establish yourself as the local authority in your industry. Consider top-of-funnel content that goes beyond what your company sells.

4. Add location pages to the website

Create location pages that have more than one physical location. On location pages, readers can find your identity, address, contact details, store timing, store descriptions, parking and transit data, advertisements, and client endorsements.

It’s also critical to avoid similar information across various location pages. Create a locally descriptive About Us page for single-location businesses. Many bonus points will be rewarded if a Google Map is included in the website’s location pages.

5. Obtain User Feedback

It is critical to respond to consumer reviews, whether good or bad. Reviews are an important part of local SEO for B2B, and Google will undoubtedly consider them when analyzing your website. Strong B2B company reviews will validate and highlight your expertise, allowing you to stand out. Google even encourages business owners to contact customers to obtain online reviews.

6. Localize Online Content

The content on the website should be relevant to the searcher. It will improve your ranking and visibility in search engines. Use geography-specified keywords to optimize for local search. For example, if your company is based in London, include this information in your about us or services sections.

Why is SEO Important for B2B? 

For businesses that rely on web traffic for leads and sales, a B2B local SEO strategy is essential. Search engine optimization helps to ensure that your site ranks as high as possible on Google pages (SERPs), making it more likely that potential customers will see and click through to your site. SEO can distinguish between success and failure in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, SEO is not a static process; you must continually monitor and adjust your SEO strategy to retain and boost your ranking. From keyword research to link building, you can use various strategies to make your site more visible in the search results. By optimizing their website for search engines, B2B companies can ensure they are visible to buyers at all stages of the purchasing process. In addition to helping buyers find a company’s website, SEO can also help to improve a company’s click-through rate, conversion rate, and organic traffic. Furthermore, a well-established B2B SEO strategy can help B2B companies build thought leadership and establish themselves as experts in their field. 

1. Higher Conversion Rates

Websites with SEO-optimized load speed bring more traffic and offer a smoother digital experience. They are also compatible with almost any device, including mobile and tablets. Easy-to-read sites are more likely to capture and hold your readers’ or visitors’ attention – i.e., they are more likely to become loyal users and brand ambassadors.

2. Increase Brand Awareness and Authority 

Small businesses must invest in SEO to ensure their websites rank high for the KEY terms related to their industry. SEO is about getting your web page on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One of the benefits of higher SERP rankings is increased brand awareness.

Local SEO Tools

1. Moz Local

Moz Local will verify your business listing on Google and Facebook and distribute it throughout the search ecosystem. The company will also synchronize with data aggregators to help push listings and enhance your company’s visibility.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs assists with backlink checking, which is essential because these links (directed toward your website) indicate website authority. Ahrefs also offers competitor analysis, keyword research, and data on the anchor text other websites use when linking to yours.

3. Buzzstream

BuzzStream researches influencers track conversations and generates reporting insights into your promotions and link placements to help you identify and build relationships with local influencers.

B2B SEO Local Tips Wrapping Up

Any B2B company with a physical location should use local search engine optimization. Not paying attention to local SEO for B2B is a costly miss, particularly if you own a local business. It may take some time to optimize your site for local search terms fully, but the time spent will be well worth it. Reach out to us for additional information, such as a free mini B2B content audit and tips on improving your organic traffic.

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